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Join Miss Madson and her friends as she goes on an adventure through her TTS videos, including Miss Madson's Funny Signs, PlayStation 1 Startup Bloopers, and more!

Latest Video: "Microsoft Sam Plays Windows XP Errors 2"

So I joined Newgrounds back in August 15, 2020, and I played a Windows XP game there and I really liked it, so I'm wanting Microsoft Sam to play it! I played this game and enjoyed it before Friday Night Funkin' started!

Meet Miss Madson, a TTS Video Creator

Hi, I'm Miss Madson, a future cousin of Davemadson and the half-sister of Astromadson. You can call me Miss M for short.

Miss Madson, a future cousin of Davemadson, and the half-sister of Astromadson, is a TTS video creator who creates TTS videos such as Miss Madson's Funny Signs and PlayStation 1 Startup Bloopers. She decided to join YouTube because she wanted to celebrate Davemadson's 10th anniversary. She is also one of Davemadson's collaborators, as she's helping him come up with ideas for his upcoming videos.

Miss Madson's TTS Collections

Miss Madson is best known for her TTS videos on YouTube, which are mainly inspired by Davemadson.

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